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Frank Myers Auto1September 5, 2019

Allison K. of Mount Airy NC

by Allison Knights (Mount Airy, NC) on September 5, 2019
Department: Sales
Enter your Not even a day into having the vehicle I purchased the check engine light came on. When I talked to my salesman about it he mentioned it was probably just the gas cap or something minor that was setting it off. I went to a good friend of mine who has never been wrong with me to check the code and come to find out not only was it throwing a code for the temperature fluid sensor I also found out that N/A's were showing on a lot of parts meaning the codes were cleared before I picked the car up. When I let the salesman know what was going on he said I still needed to bring it in to their shop so they could look at it and at that point the light was off so I just let it ride. Day 4 into owning the car it was having problems starting. I thought okay maybe it was just an old battery so i left it on a charger all night and still the next morning it would try to crank but would do nothing but make clicking noises then would finally start up. Come to find out it is the starter going out on it....what else could go wrong!?!?!? Working 50 hours a week, going to school and having 2 children to run all over for, needing a reliable vehicle is something that is important. I understand that buying a used car I am taking a risk but a week into having it i shouldn't be having problems popping up left and right. Granted the staff are very friendly and I had a wonderful experience with them it doesn't make up for the fact that I am now paying for a vehicle-havent made the first payment or received my tag yet-and I am already having to put money into it. Needless to say this does not make me happy at all!!!! here

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