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Posted on July 19, 2011

I know I am not the smartest man alive, especially when it comes to used cars. I always thought there are only 2 places where a used car should be. The first one is in a demolition derby; this great sport is pure chaos and destruction. Primitive as it may sound it certainly gives this primitive man a sense of excitement and fun. If there is such a thing as chaotic beauty then for me that is the demolition derby. Second is in the recycle center. This is the best place where a used car can be the most useful. It keeps the world clean and green. I am the environmentalist type even though it may be hard to believe.
But recently I have encountered people like Frank Myers Autos that are in the used cars business and his good people enlightened me about used cars. As it turns out there are different type of used cars such as slightly used. I know it might sound dumb but I always thought that car models that were designed 2-3 years ago are always kept. I was thinking “why would I sell my 3 year old car that is still good and running?” Not unless forfeited by the bank, by then it would leave a bad taste to take it from the previous owners. Now I know that there are other circumstances which are more reasonable for the owners to let go of a used car that are in perfect condition.
I was struck by how much I saved buying a used car that is still in perfect condition. As it turns out as soon as a new car leaves the showroom it might as well have already depreciated. Buying a new car and waiting a year or two to buy the same model will save you thousands. I am very happy with the price and also with the cars performance aside from the friendly service I got back at the shop.


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