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Frank Myers Auto2April 12, 2014

Brian M. of Winston Salem NC

by Brian D Mathis (Winston Salem, NC) on April 12, 2014
Department: Sales

Salesman was great but the negoiating was burdensome.

I literally had to get up 3 times and walk away to get a decent deal.  I understand that this is a business and businesses are in it for the money.  I realize that.  However why did it have to be such a pain to get to the "end state"?

The vehicle I purchased was in the back and had just been brought in.  It needed new tires and had a tire sensor light that was on.  I negoiated that I would put on the tires as part of our deal.  I was also told that the sensor light would be taken care of.   It was not and when I picked up the car after it was detailed, the service manager told me he did not know anything about it but would look at it for $65 a hour.  Lesson learned.  Get it in writing.

Then there was the return visits.  New NC law meant I got a refund on the taxes I paid.  So I returned for that.  Then there was paperwork that was not quite right.  So I returned for that.  And lastly the tags.  Gotta return for that.

All of this being said, I am happy with the car, the purchase price and the experience with Josh.  All of the side shows at this circus though have left me not wanting to return.  And I am scheduled to make a visit in May for scheduled mantainence.  It is not a good feeling to go to a place with your dukes up expecting a fight.  Don't know if I will cancel the May visit or not.

Our reply

Hello sir. My name is Tracy Myers and I am the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem. My Customer Care Team sent me your 2 Star Review because they know how important it is to me that our guests are completely satisfied with their purchase. Obviously, my Team failed with you and your transaction. I am sorry. 

You'll get no excuses with me. I take full responsibility and want you to be happy. While I know it won't erase all the trips you've made so far, here is what I'd like to offer. I'd like to take care of what we said we'd take care of in our service department at no cost to you. I'd also like to save you another trip to the store by mailing you your tags as well as sending a gas card along with it to help pay for the gas you wasted on the multiple unnecessary trips to see us. Is that fair?
I look forward to hearing back from you and I hope we can keep your service business plus I want to keep your warranty valid). If you'll let me know when you're coming, I'll roll out the red carpet for you. 
Enjoy your weekend.
Tracy Myers/Owner

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Frank Myers Auto Maxx

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