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Frank Myers Auto1June 15, 2020

Karen of Winston Salem NC

by Karen Krater (Winston Salem, NC) on June 15, 2020
Department: Sales

I offered these clowns $250 month for the car I wanted and they said no. The Nissan store has 2020 Altimas for $199 month so I should be able to buy a 2018 from Frank Myers Auto for $250 month. The salesperson was aright but we're in the middle of the Covids, for God sake. nobody has a job and nobody can afford to buy a car so they are lucky I even went to their store. I hope they go out of business with all of the other money-hungry car dealers. Maybe I'll go back in 3 months and offer them $150 month because I know that car will still be sitting their collecting dust. #Losers 

Our reply

Good afternoon, Karen. My name is Tracy Myers, I'm the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx and I'm sorry your experience wasn't what you expected or deserved. I'm also sorry that we couldn't accept your offer of $250 per month for the 2018 Nissan Altima. Perhaps we have other cars available that you would love to own and would work for your monthly budget? Please give me a call on my direct line at 336-831-0646 so I can review your options with you. 

THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve. I look forward to hearing back from you sooner than later and making you a happy member of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Family of Customers. 

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Frank Myers Auto Maxx

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