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Frank Myers Auto1October 21, 2016

Stacy D. of Lexington NC

by Stacy Draper (Lexington, NC) on October 21, 2016

I have purchased many cars in my time never at a place like this. I have to say it was a beyond frustrating process. The reason we went to Frank Myers is becuase my 18 year old wanted her first new car and needed to establish credit. Needless to say a new car dealership would not put her name on a loan even with me as the primary. In order to get her credit established we went to a place that will give anyone a car loan. Being used to a normal dealership this place was infurating to me! They were not professional, not honest, couldn't and wouldn't give you a straight answer to any question you had and took forever to do anything. A car was picked for her to test drive she was not given the chance to even look around and the cars they advertise on their website are not available. Today is the day after purchasing the car and the check engine light is on!!! RUN from this place people RUN! 

Our reply

Thank you so much for your business and your kind words. We are fortunate to have customers like you and will do everything we can to live up to your expectations.

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