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Frank Myers Auto5December 8, 2010

The Frank Myers Auto Staff Is Helpful

by Mister Shipman (Kernersville, NC) on December 8, 2010
Department: Sales

I had driven all the way from Kernersville, NC to view a used vehicle I saw advertised on the internet. I called the dealership and Brandon was very nice so I scheduled a visit. When I arrived I was greeted by an extremely helpful staff. The Manager Keith Bowman and  everyone else was very helpful and worked hard in helping me to seal the deal. I didnt feel any pressure and they made me feel comfortable with every step. I serve in the military and would recommend this dealership to anyone military for their service and committment to helping the customer get what they want. And the Unsung Hero program is a really big help also. They have great prices and they offer you everything that you would need to get a great car deal. Thank you again to the Staff at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem.

Our reply

Mr. Shipman,

Thank you for allowing Frank Myers Auto Maxx to be your Winston Salem used cars dealer of choice. I appreciate you and I want you to enjoy your pre-owned Ford for many years to come. And don't forget...when you need an oil change, please remember our Winston Salem auto repair center.


Tracy E. Myers, CMD

Kernersville Used Cars

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