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Frank Myers Auto5July 21, 2016

Levonia K. of Boonville NC

by Levonia W Keaton (Boonville, NC) on July 21, 2016
Department: Sales
Today's vist has been eventful. Larry and Eddie were awesome to assist with all my needs. I realize there were many questions/concerns on my end; but they were positive and assuring throught the process. Much appreciation to ALL of the courteous staff. We felt welcomed from the time we enetered... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 23, 2015

Kathy M. of Boonville NC

by Kathy Mojica (Boonville, NC) on May 23, 2015
Department: Sales
Kisha is the most amazing sales person that I have had the pleasure working so hard to help me. She was awesome! Thank you so much Kisha! God Bless... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5March 26, 2015

William M. of Boonville NC

by William McQueen (Boonville, NC) on March 26, 2015
Department: Sales
Tyler was great!! He helped by answering all my questions kept in touch with me. He went over the call of duty. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5February 6, 2014

Beverly S. of Boonville NC

by Beverly Sizemore (Boonville, NC) on February 6, 2014
Department: Sales
Couldn't ask for a better salesman.  I will be sending people down here. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5October 4, 2013

Ronnie B. of Boonville NC

by Ronnie Bates (Boonville, NC) on October 4, 2013
Department: Sales
The sales team at fmam was excellent! They helped us get into a newer model car than we thought we would be able to get. Thanks for all your help.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 18, 2013

Megan S. of Boonville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Megan Schuh (Boonville, NC) on July 18, 2013
Joe was my salesman the people were really friendly the experience was lengthly but worth it the car is wounderful. Thank you everyone!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5April 25, 2013

Gloria M. of Boonville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Gloria Moore (Boonville, NC) on April 25, 2013
Department: Sales
Eddie is a great salesman and a very nice guy. He kept me feeling positive during what is normally very stressful- buying something new. especially a car. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5November 3, 2012

Dawn T. of Boonville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Dawn Thompson (Boonville, NC) on November 3, 2012
Department: Service
Prompt & efficient with service, very friendly & helpful. * LOVE YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT*... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5October 14, 2011

Review by Jason and Jessica Hillard (Boonville, NC)
on October 14, 2011

Department: Sales
GREAT!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5September 12, 2011

Review by Sharon Cave (Boonville, NC)
on September 12, 2011

Absolutely outstanding service with excellent communication skills. After listening to my situation he showed a tremendous amount of compassion and was very understanding and went out of his way to help me save money and to make sure I was absolutely satisfied.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 9, 2011

2010 Ford Taurus in Winston Salem from Frank Myers Auto Maxx

by Gail Wood (Boonville, NC) on May 9, 2011
Department: Sales
Dane and Keith were both very helpful in helping me get into a new used car. They got us in a much newer model car than we ever thought we could get and love our 2010 Ford Taurus. That's why I have driven from Boonville and bought my last 2 cars in... [read more]
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Frank Myers Auto Maxx

4200 N. Patterson Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
(336) 767-3432

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