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Frank Myers Auto5February 22, 2020

Beth & Jerry S. of Eden NC

by Beth & Jerry Southern (Eden, NC) on February 22, 2020
Department: Sales
Thank you for all the help for another change... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5November 14, 2019


by KIMBERLY DILLARD (Eden, NC) on November 14, 2019
Department: Sales
Jessica very helpful and very informational at assisting with getting all questions and concerns asked about answered. Keith in finance was awesome with making offer happen.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5October 27, 2015

John S. of Eden NC

by John Steele (Eden, NC) on October 27, 2015
Josh Reece was friendly, great customer service!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5September 8, 2014

JERELL T. of Eden NC

by JERELL Taylor (Eden, NC) on September 8, 2014
Department: Sales
Great service & communitcation.  Will work with you all the way till you leave with a car. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 5, 2014

Lafreda P. of Eden NC

by Lafreda Pruitt (Eden, NC) on August 5, 2014
Department: Sales
Five stars!!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5December 26, 2013

Phillip R. of Eden NC

by Phillip Rhame (Eden, NC) on December 26, 2013
Department: Sales
Sale service was very good and friendly. He is a good person for this company. He was very very good. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 25, 2013

Kenyatte M. of Eden NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Kenyatte Malloy (Eden, NC) on June 25, 2013
i have very much enjoyed the frank myers family. they all have been great and will diffently recommend them to others. nat was especially helpful. look forward to being a part of such wonderful caring people... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto4May 14, 2013

Nancy D. of Eden NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Nancy Danlop (Eden, NC) on May 14, 2013
four star he was a good sells man... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5April 25, 2013

Ben S. of Eden NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Ben Sizemore (Eden, NC) on April 25, 2013
Department: Sales
Claudia M. very nice and great service. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5February 6, 2013

LISA R. of Eden NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by LISA PAEZ RODARTE (Eden, NC) on February 6, 2013
Department: Sales
FRIENDLY... [read more]
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Frank Myers Auto Maxx

4200 N. Patterson Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
(336) 767-3432

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Frank Myers Auto Maxx 4200 N. Patterson Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27105 (336) 767-3432
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