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Frank Myers Auto5July 17, 2017

Alexander A. of Lexington NC

by Alexander Alvarez (Lexington, NC) on July 17, 2017
Fast and easy, made it easy going and fun to get the process done. 5 stars for the energy,carisma and very relaxed personality great experience.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto1October 21, 2016

Stacy D. of Lexington NC

by Stacy Draper (Lexington, NC) on October 21, 2016
I have purchased many cars in my time never at a place like this. I have to say it was a beyond frustrating process. The reason we went to Frank Myers is becuase my 18 year old wanted her first new car and needed to establish credit. Needless to say... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 8, 2016

Karen Q. of Lexington NC

by Karen Quesenberry (Lexington, NC) on August 8, 2016
Department: Sales
Everyone was very nice and helpful they put me in a vehicle that I am very happy with! Thank you Larry =)... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 1, 2016

Don S. of Lexington NC

by Don Severt (Lexington, NC) on August 1, 2016
Department: Sales
Good... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 25, 2016

Paul . of Lexington NC

by Paul Queseyberry (Lexington, NC) on July 25, 2016
Department: Sales
5 stars!! Great experience, great vehicle! Great sales guy!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 30, 2016

Chris S. of Lexington NC

by Chris Stiltner (Lexington, NC) on June 30, 2016
Department: Sales
Wonderful experience, got the car I needed with awesome service. And my mom's previous purchases (2 cars). I learned to listen to my mom for once in my life. Awesome!!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 27, 2016

Janet D. of Lexington NC

by Janet Dancy (Lexington, NC) on June 27, 2016
Department: Sales
(Malik and Larry) Amazing, every single person was so helpful and understanding. Never had a better purchasing experience or a better DEAL!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 16, 2016

Tammy S. of Lexington NC

by Tammy Smith (Lexington, NC) on June 16, 2016
Department: Sales
They done a grate job with us & helped us out with low paymet & May take a job.  THank you so much.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 30, 2016

Alicia B. of Lexington NC

by Alicia Bellamy (Lexington, NC) on May 30, 2016
Department: Sales
Dzanderia is an awesome person, sales rep and now friend!! Dzanderia was very professional and a great help! She has an AMAZING personality! Thanks for everything!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto4May 5, 2016

Janet A. of Lexington NC

by Janet Autry (Lexington, NC) on May 5, 2016
Department: Sales
Y'all are great! Love Malik! He is awesome!! I would of given you 5 if my payment was lower, but I will be back in 12 months to get that lowered!  :) Love you guys!!!  Thank you for everything I will see you in 12 months!! You are all great... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto4February 8, 2016

Robin W. of Lexington NC

by Robin Wilson (Lexington, NC) on February 8, 2016
Department: Sales
great friendly service!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 17, 2015

Justin H. of Lexington NC

by Justin Hawks (Lexington, NC) on August 17, 2015
Department: Sales
Chris is a great salesman. He made everything about the whole process great. Thanks yall so much..... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 12, 2015

Lynn S. of Lexington NC

by Lynn Satterwhite (Lexington, NC) on June 12, 2015
Department: Sales
I was leary at first but Chris and Keith made me real comfortable and helped me obtain a newer vehicle that I love! Awesome experience! God Bless... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 9, 2015

Lisa & Dwight T. of Lexington NC

by Lisa & Dwight Terry (Lexington, NC) on June 9, 2015
Department: Sales
Great customer service! In and out in less then 3 hours very fun enviromont to wait in makes the time fly by! ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 30, 2015

Arsenio T. of Lexington NC

by Arsenio Thomas (Lexington, NC) on May 30, 2015
Great!!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5April 14, 2015

Caleb C. of Lexington NC

by Caleb Carson (Lexington, NC) on April 14, 2015
Department: Sales
AWESOME SERVICE!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5April 8, 2015

Bridgette V. of Lexington NC

by Bridgette Vinden (Lexington, NC) on April 8, 2015
Department: Sales
Very nice and professional!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5March 27, 2015

TIM T. of Lexington NC

by TIM TROUTMAN (Lexington, NC) on March 27, 2015
Department: Sales
Frank Myers Auto5March 26, 2015

Teresa T. of Lexington NC

by Teresa Turner (Lexington, NC) on March 26, 2015
Department: Sales
Micheal was awesome! He went beyond the call of duty. He drove 4 miles to come pick me up and he did what he said he was going to! ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5January 28, 2015

Elizabeth L. of Lexington NC

by Elizabeth Long (Lexington, NC) on January 28, 2015
Department: Sales
Chris was always plesant and very information about the cars. He found us the prefect car when we were about to give up. ... [read more]
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