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Frank Myers Auto5July 23, 2019

Ernest and Kathy B. of Thomasville NC

by Ernest and Kathy Bibus (Thomasville, NC) on July 23, 2019
Department: Sales
Larry was very good to deal with-he had called me 2 times to come back to FMAM and i enjoyed the expereince!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 19, 2017

Christopher K. of Thomasville NC

by Christopher Kepley (Thomasville, NC) on June 19, 2017
Department: Sales
Awesome excellent service experience... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 11, 2017

Crystal B. of Thomasville NC

by Crystal Barker (Thomasville, NC) on May 11, 2017
Department: Sales
You Guys Rock!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 18, 2016

Linda P. of Thomasville NC

by Linda Powell (Thomasville, NC) on August 18, 2016
Department: Sales
They were so good to me. I will tell people to here and get a car. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 5, 2016

Jordan G. of Thomasville NC

by Jordan Gobble (Thomasville, NC) on August 5, 2016
my salesman was very nice! kept me informed very well. Made sure I was comfortable during my long wait... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 22, 2016

Hannah V. of Thomasville NC

by Hannah Vayles (Thomasville, NC) on July 22, 2016
Department: Sales
Made me feel instantly comfy, easy to talk to , and get lost in conversation with.  Great personality and has made this a great experience.  Thank you so much Chris, you are more than amazing!!!!! ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 30, 2016

Rufus V. of Thomasville NC

by Rufus Vance (Thomasville, NC) on May 30, 2016
Department: Sales
Everything went great!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 17, 2016

Anthony E. of Thomasville NC

by Anthony Everhart (Thomasville, NC) on May 17, 2016
Department: Sales
My experience was the best with Tyler B at Frank Myer's Auto. If you have doubts about your ride, come see these folks to set your mind right and get comfy in your new ride!!! Thanks for making my way around the places we need to go... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5March 19, 2016

Nikki/Brett S. of Thomasville NC

by Nikki/Brett Snow (Thomasville, NC) on March 19, 2016
Great Service, nice friendly people!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 18, 2015

Tracey B. of Thomasville NC

by Tracey Burleson (Thomasville, NC) on July 18, 2015
Department: Sales
Tyler was fabulous! He helped us out in every way he could. He took his time, looked over everything, went to extremes to help us get our car! Very helpful, great guy!   Thanks, Scottie and Tracey... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 2, 2015

Teresa J. of Thomasville NC

by Teresa Johnson (Thomasville, NC) on July 2, 2015
Department: Sales
I was happy with the service!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 30, 2015

Chris G. of Thomasville NC

by Chris Godbalt (Thomasville, NC) on May 30, 2015
Department: Sales
Great Service! Juice fingers work, lol! Very helpful through process.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 9, 2015

Don L. of Thomasville NC

by Don Landfried (Thomasville, NC) on May 9, 2015
Department: Sales
Kisha is very professional! She is very caring and is very passionate about customer service. She was an Angel I needed in my life to appear during a very tough time right now. She made my experience at FRank Myers seem more than a Miracle! Kisha was a Blessing! Thank... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5April 6, 2015

Johni G. of Thomasville NC

by Johni Goulding (Thomasville, NC) on April 6, 2015
Department: Sales
Phil was very knowledgable and very patient with me, giving my own undecisiveness. Kieth and Phil Both made me feel like Family! True Southern Hospitality! Thank You!!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5March 26, 2015

Mickey H. of Thomasville NC

by Mickey Hughes (Thomasville, NC) on March 26, 2015
Department: Sales
Tyler was very helpful. He sold us a car.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5February 10, 2015

Betty & Jeff B. of Thomasville NC

by Betty & Jeff Black (Thomasville, NC) on February 10, 2015
Department: Sales
Phillip was our Salemans been working on my car that I wanted for a week and he made it possible for me to get it I am glad I came her to get me a car.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5January 24, 2015

TERESA HYATT A. of Thomasville NC

by TERESA HYATT ANDREW HODGE (Thomasville, NC) on January 24, 2015
Department: Sales
Frank Myers Auto5January 6, 2015

Antoine C. of Thomasville NC

by Antoine Clay (Thomasville, NC) on January 6, 2015
Department: Sales
Saleperson was great with me.Took her time to find me the right car I wanted. Will be back to purchase another car! Everything was 100%...... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5December 29, 2014

Albert N. of Thomasville NC

by Albert Nealey (Thomasville, NC) on December 29, 2014
Department: Sales
Could not ask for any better person! ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5September 8, 2014

CLARENCE A. of Thomasville NC

by CLARENCE ANDERSON (Thomasville, NC) on September 8, 2014
Department: Sales
Morgan was excellent!... [read more]
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