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Frank Myers Auto5November 25, 2020

Lauren P. of Tobaccoville NC

by Lauren Phillips (Tobaccoville, NC) on November 25, 2020
Department: Sales
Wonderful place and more amazing people! They helped me with my second car and its amazing! Defininty come!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 7, 2017

Amy M. of Tobaccoville NC

by Amy Moore (Tobaccoville, NC) on July 7, 2017
Department: Sales
Bruce was very nice and helpful. He made me feel very comfortable. He answered all my questions. I love my car and believe Bruce was legitimate in my deal. Thanks, AMY MOORE... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 15, 2015

Josh L. of Tobaccoville NC

by Josh Lineberg (Tobaccoville, NC) on May 15, 2015
Department: Sales
GReat! Best car saleswoman ever!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5November 7, 2014

Bradley H. of Tobaccoville NC

by Bradley Hunt (Tobaccoville, NC) on November 7, 2014
Department: Service
Great Customer Service. Phil Was Great, Very Clear, VERY VERY Helpful. Awesome Day!! Thanks Again Phil!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 17, 2014

Ricahrd & Kimberly R. of Tobaccoville NC

by Ricahrd & Kimberly Rominger (Tobaccoville, NC) on July 17, 2014
Department: Sales
We came to look at frank myers I am a returning customer. I came back because my first visit was a great one. Our sales guy Micheal Wagner was really great, also really knowledgable and helped with everything. ANd Kieth is always a pleasure dealing with. Thanks Frank Myers for my... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5June 21, 2014

SUSAN W. of Tobaccoville NC

by SUSAN WILLIAMS (Tobaccoville, NC) on June 21, 2014
Department: Sales
Frank Myers Auto5June 10, 2014

TRASE O. of Tobaccoville NC

by TRASE OWEN (Tobaccoville, NC) on June 10, 2014
Department: Sales
Frank Myers Auto5June 2, 2014

Hannah J. of Tobaccoville NC

by Hannah Jones (Tobaccoville, NC) on June 2, 2014
Department: Sales
Morgan was awesome took a  lot of time to explain every detail of the buy.  Great customer service. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto4May 13, 2014

Timothy G. of Tobaccoville NC

by Timothy Gladden (Tobaccoville, NC) on May 13, 2014
Department: Service
Everything was great and Valencia was good also.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 3, 2014

Julian N. of Tobaccoville NC

by Julian Newman (Tobaccoville, NC) on May 3, 2014
Department: Sales
Easily the best auto dealer in the triad area.  Willing to work with my needs and budget.  I will tell others about yall.... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5September 13, 2013

Jada C. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Jada Crossly (Tobaccoville, NC) on September 13, 2013
I had a fantastic experience, and Shawn was the best!!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5August 22, 2013

Larry S. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Larry Shelton (Tobaccoville, NC) on August 22, 2013
Josh: Great salesman, very nice man, clean cut, knowledgable about my car, will recommend someone to call him. Thanks!... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 29, 2013

Diane L. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Diane Lineberry (Tobaccoville, NC) on May 29, 2013
i thank them both in get a car you guys are awsome ( claudia and bud)... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5May 11, 2013

Franklin A. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Franklin Allen (Tobaccoville, NC) on May 11, 2013
Department: Sales
Claudia is the best car salesperson i have ever met. She was kind and couteous and kept me well informed during my visit here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. She was a big help in getting me in a new ride.   Thanks, Franklin Allen ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5March 6, 2013

Deborah W. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Deborah Woodruff (Tobaccoville, NC) on March 6, 2013
Department: Sales
Eddie long was so helpful, and made purchasing my new kia soul and amazing experience! I felt like i had known him for years. I didnt know buying a car could be so much fun. I love my new Kia. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5February 4, 2013

Julie C. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by Julie Cunningham (Tobaccoville, NC) on February 4, 2013
Department: Sales
Jon was polite, professional, and helpful. he answered all of my questions and was very patient in working with me. It was a pleasure dealing with jon. ... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5July 20, 2012

David J. of Tobaccoville NC Reviews Frank Myers Auto

by David Jones (Tobaccoville, NC) on July 20, 2012
Department: Service
Eric was very kind and upfront from the beginnging of what problem and what service could be done.  Thanks for all your help David jones... [read more]
Frank Myers Auto5October 5, 2011

Review by David and Tammy Jones (Tobaccoville, NC)
on October 5, 2011

Department: Sales
Great sales and customer service! Thanks Eddie and Keith!  ... [read more]
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